Friday, November 07, 2008

Know I Am With you

My child,
As faith and the certitude & strength it brings
Is in such short supply in this dark & confused time,

I will send you signs that even an eyeless cave-fish could not miss.

Did I not bend that thin streamer of night-cloud
Through a trio of right-hand turns and then 
Speed it across the face of that full Hawaiian moon for you?

I will give you signs that penetrate
The mundane scrim of things --

Did I not send that meteor storm 
Across the volcano's night-sky
Carving a hole in the earth's heavens 
To reveal other heavens beyond?

I will turn the world upside down
And shake loose the change in
The pockets of your soul.

Did I not salute you with 
A synchronized squadron of manta-rays
That morning off the Wailea beach?

Did you not see the lava-tube dormitory
Full of slumbering sharks?

Did you miss the spinner dolphins that
Circled you and your paramour
As your clumsy land-adapted bodies
Canoodled in the waters of La Perouse Bay?

At the Jungfrau,
Did I not give you a hawk, hunting,
Where no prey was to be had
But your doubt?

Have I not brought you safely back 
From every harebrained precipice
From which you've opted to dangle?

Miracles are the weave!

Sharpen your vision down to the place where
When you unwrap a packet of the mundane,
You perceive the grains of the miraculous pouring out.

When you learn to look with such eyes as these,
You will know that each stitch of the world shines
With the magic your ancestors kept as companion,
And you will know that I am with you always.

Move with strength and grace
In both body and mind,
Shine with humor,
Suffer with dignity,
Persevere with courage,
Dance with passion,
Let failure spur renewal,
Love with ardor...and acceptance,
Feel your mortality, and
Let the eventuality of death
Animate your living with beneficent ferocity.

Watch with your best eyes,
Listen with your best ears,
Open your heart, and know:
I was with you before your beginning,
I am with you now and always will be, 
Even beyond the end of earthly things.


donna katsuranis said...

oh, Tim!
I'm SO glad you posted this!
"Where no prey was to be had
But your doubt?" - !!
you're Such a Gift!
Please Write MORE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny after all these years our adventures on Maui still pop up in your writing ;) interesting blog.....
aloha oe from paradise

Anonymous said...

Aloha oe back atcha... No doubt our adventures will keep popping up for the rest of my life. In a good way. [smile] Viva! T

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think it is Maui more than i that is the cherished lover in your mind's eye. [smile] but at least I was along for the ride.

Funny after reading your blog had a a quick dream that you were coming here (Hilo) in September...but then again you always said you had the most amazing dreams on the Big Isle. take care :) D

Anonymous said...

"Oh, I think it is Maui more than i that is the cherished lover in your mind's eye. [smile] but at least I was along for the ride."

I don't imagine I could separate the two... [smile]