Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shiva / Shakti

There's a nexus somewhere
Where the strands connect
Lattices of probability &
The proleptic urge
Flatten & smooth under
My mind's fervid embrace
The horizon keeping pace
With my scrambling efforts
To bring it closer.

The way through is
Through you, through I-in-you
Not in running but in stillness.

In stillness.

Hold still. Climb on. Close.

Then open. Then we open.
Expand, like a spiral
In all directions.
Our halo, omnidirectional.
I remember this. Yes.
From before.

Before I wore this suit of mud.
This clay.
Yes. From before I remember.

Touching the horizon seems now rather unambitious.
And time?
Cannot bind me -- will not.

Blind me. Close these "I"s forever.
And you, too.

How long? How long soar?
Weave the tracery --
Fiery filigree?
How long coax the lotus into bloom?
So burns the chakra.
Be patient.

Stretch further with me.
Not too far. Not too long.
Mortal coil might lose its spring.
Hover now, we, hover close.
Survey the multiverse.
On and on.

Mm. Drink deeply.
Return now. Return with me.
Now. Return with me.
To those places we know. Yes.
Those bodies.
Where we weigh infinitely.

Return, but remember.
Remember the megatonal song.
The two-in-one.
The fire.
The breath of worlds.

Into the Dreaming

“In dreams we discover the secret wishes of the soul” – Iroquois proverb

We need to share our dreams – our dreams from the night and our life dreams – with caring and supportive partners who can help us to unlock their meanings and bring their energy to heal and empower our everyday lives. A dream-sharing circle develops a wonderful energy of its own.

The basic idea behind a dream group is very simple: it involves creating a safe space where we can learn to tell our dreams simply and clearly and receive helpful, non-intrusive feedback from fellow dreamers. Since dreams are multi-layered and we dream in many different ways, it’s good to have multiple viewpoints & many diverse life experiences – and this is the power and magic of a dream circle.

We'll learn how to grow better relationships and richer lives by sharing our dreams through the Lightning Dreamwork process -- a quick, fun and respectful way to share dreams, receive constructive feedback and move towards creative action to honor our dreams, bringing their magic into the world. Using the techniques of dream travel, dream re-entry and dream theater, we'll learn how to use dreams to develop our intuition and creativity, and how to bring healing energy from the dreamworld
into our everyday lives.