Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dream Journal: February 25, 2003 -- "The Lightcrafter / Opening"

Most of the time, I have to work and/or play with a dream to assimilate its gifts of information or energy. But sometimes, a dream arrives without any gift-wrap. Fr'instance:

"The Lightcrafter / Opening" (2/25/03)

I'm in a subterranean interior landscape. It is fairly dark in the space, which is perhaps 40' across, although the light is so dim it's difficult to make out the room's dimensions. In the center of the room (in front of me) is a raised dais/altar about 6' square. There are grooves or tracks about 3" wide carved into the material of the dais. In the tracks, moving up and down the grooves are small white objects about the size of a checker piece. They are of 2 types. Although they are visually indistinguishable, I'm easily able to tell the two varieties apart. As they slide back and forth in the tracks, two of them will occasionally come into contact. When they do, there is an exchange of energy and information which is clearly visible as currents of cobalt-blue light. I watch this process awhile...


I'm seated on a dark-colored divan or couch in the same interior space, opposite an identical divan on which a faery-woman is seated. This is a small, low black table between us. She is dressed in a beautiful white gown and her dark hair is long and loose. She introduces herself as a "Lightcrafter" and then gives me an involved explanation of the purpose and use of the altar from the first segment of this dream. After speaking, she crosses her legs, placing her hands on her knee. She raises her eyebrows and waits silently -- an invitation for me to explain what I'm doing in her domain.

I tell her my name -- a name I use in dreaming -- and that I am a walker between worlds. I speak of how I'm in fear/despair about the state of Earth and when I dream I travel to dreamworlds looking for a way to help my own world. She reminds me that there's no force anywhere that is higher or more powerful than love. I admit that I know this, but I'm not able to surrender/release into the truth of it so that my knowing can become *action*.

The faery woman's eyes deepen and become starry pools as she flashes me a smile full of her glamour and says, "Well, then -- there's your task."

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